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Trees on a property are often a great selling feature for a home or business. They offer shade and beauty. Some lucky property owners will even get fruit or nuts from their trees. However, there will be times when the trees need to be tamed, whether from above or below. That’s when you need to find tree service in Evanston, WY.

Tree Removal

A common service you will need a tree service company for is tree removal. It’s not ideal, but there are times when a tree needs to come down. It may be old and rotting, creating a safety hazard if it falls. Or you may have a tree that has grown in a bad spot and is interfering with utility systems.

Whatever the reason, removing a large tree is a serious undertaking. This is not something you want to attempt on your own. The wrong move could leave someone hurt or damage a building. For tree removal near Evanston, WY, you’ll want a team like Little C Tree Service. Our experienced crew will not only cut down trees but uproot them when needed to give you the yard you want.

Stump Removal

Let’s say you have a new home, and you’ve found that someone has already taken down a tree. It seems like less work for you! But if they’ve left a stump behind, you will want to eliminate it. While it’s sometimes possible to find a use for a stump, they more often turn into obstacles and eyesores in your yard.

Leftover stumps also begin to decay and attract bugs to your property. Wood-loving bugs like termites and carpenter ants may even find their way to your home one day, so it’s best to find stump removal in Evanston, WY. At Little C Tree Service, our experts can determine the best way to remove the stump, either by digging it out or grinding it down. Either way, you will be left with a better yard.

Tree Pruning

Not all big trees on your property need to go away! Some can be saved with a bit of maintenance. That’s where tree pruning near Evanston, WY comes in. Instead of taking an entire tree down, work with Little C Tree Service to figure out which limbs and branches are the problems. Then a crew can carefully cut back the tree so you can keep enjoying it.

This is a good route if you have a tree that is starting to branch out over the top of a home. You may not want limbs over the roof in case a storm comes through. Pruning lets you keep the tree and lose the limb. And you can maintain the shape of the tree for years to come.

Beautiful old-growth trees add a sense of class and tradition to your property, but they need maintenance just like everything else related to your home. Luckily, you have a tree care partner in Evanston with Little C Tree Service, so contact us today! We travel to the surrounding area, so don’t wait to get the work your trees need.

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On time, very professional. Took a tree down around some power lines they did the job seamlessly. I will have them back in the fall to do more work. -Troy C
Amazing and affordable service. They helped us out not once, but twice in an emergency, when other companies would not. -Amanda B
Needed trees trimmed around some power lines. They offered a very reasonable price and stuck to it. They showed up when they said they were going to, and were friendly and easy to communicate with in person and on the phone. They were fast and efficient and got the job done cleanly. I would definitely recommend their services to others in their area. -Kathryn D
I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone! They did a great job, were on time, very professional and friendly. They don't just assume you want the work done, like some tree companies, who automatically put you on their schedule, even if you DO NOT call back, after the bid, which I thought people were entitled to more than one bid! -Joan R
Cindy and Kyle are awesome to work with! We highly recommend this great company! -McCall A
Hey everyone!! If your looking at getting any kind of tree services done you have to check these guys out! They did an amazing job trimming out huge tree in the front of our new house and were the lowest bid of 4 different places around the area! They know what there doing, they're insured, and there really good to work with! -Mikkol R
Very helpful and budget friendly. I had lot of question about the trees on my property. As a mother of 2 and this was my first place they could have "taken me to the cleaners", but they were very competitive. They made sure that my special requests were taken care of and they made sure I was completely satisfied before leaving. -Traci S
These guys are the best of the best. Never hire anyone else again. -Michael M