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Compelling Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps

Trees are removed from properties for a variety of reasons, whether for aesthetics or safety. After the hard work of taking down the tree is completed, the only thing left is the stump. What to do with that remaining chunk of tree is always a bit of a dilemma for the homeowner: Should you opt for stump removal or let it be?

Why You Should Not Leave Tree Stumps in Your Yard

While some people choose to leave the stump in place, there are some compelling reasons for having a stump removal service take it out:

  • Stumps begin a slow process of decay soon after the tree is taken down. Over time, the rotting remains of the tree can attract pests like carpenter ants, beetles, and termites that can cause damage to other trees, plants, or nearby structures. 
  • The aesthetic value of a rotting tree stump is negligible, and it will likely interfere with the rest of your landscaping efforts.
  • A decaying wood element in your yard can have a negative impact on your property value.
  • Some stumps are easily visible, but when they are covered with weeds, grass, and other plants, they can be difficult to see and become a tripping hazard for children playing or visitors walking in the yard. If someone is injured on your property due to your negligence, you may be liable for damages.
  • A tree stump makes mowing the yard more difficult as you must maneuver around it. Failing to circumvent the stump or surrounding root system can cause damage to your lawnmower if you run over them accidentally.
  • When a diseased tree is removed, the remaining stump may harbor the same disease, which could be passed to other vegetation in your yard.
  • The stump and its network of underground roots can be an impediment to planting new trees or installing other landscaping features.

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On time, very professional. Took a tree down around some power lines they did the job seamlessly. I will have them back in the fall to do more work. -Troy C
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Needed trees trimmed around some power lines. They offered a very reasonable price and stuck to it. They showed up when they said they were going to, and were friendly and easy to communicate with in person and on the phone. They were fast and efficient and got the job done cleanly. I would definitely recommend their services to others in their area. -Kathryn D
I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone! They did a great job, were on time, very professional and friendly. They don't just assume you want the work done, like some tree companies, who automatically put you on their schedule, even if you DO NOT call back, after the bid, which I thought people were entitled to more than one bid! -Joan R
Cindy and Kyle are awesome to work with! We highly recommend this great company! -McCall A
Hey everyone!! If your looking at getting any kind of tree services done you have to check these guys out! They did an amazing job trimming out huge tree in the front of our new house and were the lowest bid of 4 different places around the area! They know what there doing, they're insured, and there really good to work with! -Mikkol R
Very helpful and budget friendly. I had lot of question about the trees on my property. As a mother of 2 and this was my first place they could have "taken me to the cleaners", but they were very competitive. They made sure that my special requests were taken care of and they made sure I was completely satisfied before leaving. -Traci S
These guys are the best of the best. Never hire anyone else again. -Michael M

Should You Choose Tree Stump Grinding or Tree Stump Removal?

There are pros and cons to both methods of eliminating a tree stump, and the decision of what’s best for you really depends on what you want to do with your yard. Stump removal involves lifting the heavy stump and digging out the roots. The biggest benefit is that you have all the tree remnants cleared out. The biggest drawback is that a large hole is left in your yard that must be filled in.

A stump grinding service utilizes a machine to shred the stump into woodchips. The resulting chips from stump grinding can be used for mulch in your overall landscape plan. Stump grinding is a very efficient process, but it does not address the issue of the tree’s roots. While these roots will eventually decay, that process can take up to 10 years to complete.

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